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Hi, and thanks so much for taking the time to discover your brand Archetype.
Before we go any further, let me take a moment to introduce myself.

About Me

Melissa Bolton

• Copywriter • Brand Therapist • Archetypologist •
As a brand therapist, I specialize in Neurobranding - that is, applying the principles of Psychology to your brand to help you attract and connect with your right people, create ideal offerings, and serve your niche flawlessly. The result is a purely authentic presence that's more genuine and more profitable that you ever imagined.
And it all starts here.

About The Archetypes

The Archetypal Branding Assessment is something I came up with back in 2011. I combined my 20+ years of business experience with the principles of behavioral psychology to come up with a tool that humanizes brands and helps people tell better stories. Here's why... 

As humans, we're conditioned to seek relevance and meaning. We relate to one another because we connect through story. Stories capture our attention, evoke emotions, and engage us. Once we feel that sense of belonging and begin to understand how we fit into things, genuine connections are born. 

Story + Branding = Storybranding

Whether in a book, on TV or in our real lives, our favorite characters leave us wanting more. We feel involved and feel at ease and invested. Branding works very much the same way. Mindshare is earned when your story resonates with others. A story well-told elicits behavioral responses that breed trust and stimulate action.

Chronicling your brand through your Archetype draws your right people to you.

By understanding your truest you, you genuinely exude a sense uniquity in all you do, it can't help but shine through in your life and in your work.
Your right people are drawn to you because you 'get' them. Your Archetype is your main character and you share it through your brand story. 
It's personal. And when it's felt, it resonates.  

Humanizing your brand through story branding makes you relatable, likeable and approachable. When you’re living your authentic story with conviction, your brand begins to exude a natural consistency through the trustworthiness and originality your right people are seeking.

Archetyping provides a purely holistic approach to building your brand and connecting you with your most-likely-to-buy people. Through the power of clarity, you gain refined vision and a newfound fluency in your communication, create better offerings, and attract only the right customers. Do what you love for who you love.  I'm here to help.

Here's what people have to say

Susan Hand

The Savvy Solopreneur

Melissa's Archetypal Assessment was a real eye-opener for me and at the same time confirmed what I already knew down deep. The questions really made me think about how I look at life and approach things in my home and business. I've recently made some changes in my business and the assessment just under scored the path I'm now taking. Add that to all of the resources on her Pinterest page and it was everything I was looking for all tied up in a box. Thanks, Melissa for such an awesome journey!

Anne Freund

Clinical Psychologist

Melissa Bolton is the absolute Queen of Branding! As a clinical psychologist myself, I am in awe of her amazing psychology-based branding systems and how well they translate into targeting your customers and understanding your own branding process. She is able to think outside the box and use her extensive experience to help you establish and fine tune your brand, sales approach, and company’s goals.

Raquel Carter

Company and position

I am so thrilled to have found Melissa's Archetypes. I was immediately drawn to them. I can't tell you how many times I've felt disjointed  when trying to figure out why my business wasn't bringing the clients that I thought I should. I know now, that I was trying to please the masses and was frightened to really be MYSELF. Thank you Melissa for all of your hard work, painstaking hours of research & for being the beautiful YOU that you are. I'm thrilled for the new adventures that I'm positive  my business will bring.

Sarah Barrett

A Mom's Guide To School Fundraising

I am so glad I took Melissa's Archetypal Assessment! Without it, I never would have known I was part Maverick and part Warrior! The questions she asked helped me really dig deep and figure out what my brand should look like! I have looked at her Pinterest pages and found so many quotes to help me further brand my business. What an amazing tool!

Darla Arni

Full Plate, No Fork

The Archetypal Assessment process was extremely eye opening and its results were true to me and my strengths. I had multiple areas that applied to me and feel that is accurate because I truly identified with all of the traits. A ‘must do’ for solidifying your image and developing the self-assurance to attain a fulfilling life of your choice. 

Ellen Zimmerman

Jewish Holidays In A Box

As an entrepreneur, I know how easy it can be to get lost in the trenches and lose sight of the big picture. Melissa’s Archetypal Branding assessment is a deeply satisfying tool that pulled me above the day-to-day details, so that I could see myself with increased clarity. Am I on the right path? Do my passions and strengths align with the business I’m building? Thanks, Melissa, for helping me move forward with greater confidence.